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Complete Home Organization

We are the experts in helping you get organized and increase your quality of life!

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Virtual Organizing

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professional organizerTaryn Lamb, CPO, owner of Organized Havens, LLC and her organizing team are committed to helping you get organized and simplify your life so you have more time and space for the people and activities that are really important to you!

We understand that our living and working environments greatly affect our mental, emotional and physical well being as well as our productivity. We work with you to identify and achieve your organizing goals to increase your quality of life.

We’ve organized hoarded homes in NJ to luxury villas in the Caribbean and every kind of home in between. We have seen it all and know how to use our system to transform your home into the haven you deserve to live in.

We are here with compassion to help, not to judge–don’t wait another day, call us today and take the first step toward the life you deserve to live.

The process:

  • After initially speaking with us on the phone, we can provide a 1 hour in-person consultation or a virtual consultation to discuss your goals and set up a plan of action.
  • Next, during hands-on organizing sessions, we use a proven five-step plan to organize. We provide side-by-side organizing help and in the process teach and transfer our organizing skills to you. On the other hand, if you have time constraints and can’t work along with us, we can work independently to implement the plan we have created together.
  • With our expertise in organization and efficiency, we will help you put organizing systems in place that will produce the same results consistently, so you can maintain your newly organized home or office.