Bedroom Organization

Master Bedroom

Be able to relax, rest, unwind in your own organized haven

Our client bought this antique cabinet and wasn’t sure how to use it. She desperately needed a system for her jewelry so we tricked it out with a Container Store Elfa system, s hooks for hanging necklaces and command hooks on the door for additional necklaces. She’s in love!!!

Baby’s Room

  • Prepare for your precious arrival in advance
  • Set up an optimally functional nursery

Kid’s Room

  • Set up organizational systems that are easily kid maintained
  • Find homes for everything

Boys Room

We used the IKEA Trofast system to organize Legos and a built in closet organizer to help organize clothes and contain toys.

Bedroom Makeover

Bedroom Transformations

Girl’s Bedroom

This nine year old girl’s room needed an update. She had outgrown the child’s desk she had and needed a homework station that would help her succeed throughout middle and high school. We researched and personally shopped for the solution she needed-a desk and bookcase that matched her existing furniture and provided the workspace and storage she needed.

Girl’s Room

This 10-year old girl’s room was overrun by stuff. She wasn’t’t able to relax or enjoy being in her room because the clutter had taken over.

Organized Havens created a room that contained several zones: sleeping and relaxing, dressing and grooming, a computer/desk/music/homework station, and an area to enjoy her doll collection. She loves having friends over now and playing in her organized functional bedroom.

Bathroom Cabinet