Chronically Disorganized Clients

The Institute for Challenging Disorganization describes Chronic Disorganization as having a past history of disorganization in which self-help efforts to change have failed an undermining of current quality of life due to disorganization the expectation of future disorganization.

Chronic Disorganization
This client had difficult life events that led to her home becoming extremely cluttered with very limited functionality. She wanted her home cleaned out and reorganized in a short amount of time. With our experienced crew, we spent one ten hour day getting all trash and donation items out of her home. All of her “keep” items were categorized. In one day we were able to give this client back her home-a place in which she could more comfortably live and entertain guests. With our help, she now has a home in which she can more fully live the life she was meant to live.

Living Room Before and After
Dining Room Before and After
Bedroom Before and After