Virtual Organizing

Do you want to work with a Certified Professional Organizer but are concerned about the financial commitment, time commitment or feel embarrassed to have someone in your home?

Are you ready to take the steps to organize your home or office and want the professional guidance to get you there?

If yes, then Virtual Organizing may be for you!

What is Virtual Organizing?

Virtual organizing is the transference of organizing skills through live video organizing sessions using FaceTime or Skype. It is an alternative to working in person with us or it can be done in between our in person organizing sessions. It is a collaboration between the Certified Professional Organizer as the instructor and you, the client, who performs the physical organizing work. Together, we focus on one project at a time to help you reach your organizing goals.

Virtual Organizing Benefits to Our Clients:

  • Shorter and more frequent sessions- virtual sessions are 1 hour at a time as opposed to our in-person sessions which are a 4 hour minimum
  • Less of a financial commitment
  • Evening availability for our working clients
  • Less intrusive so less anxiety and embarrassment of having an Organizer in your home
  • Increased focus on the project with less distractions
  • Increased control and privacy for you
  • Increased skill transfer resulting in greater self confidence in your organizing abilities

Contact Us today to discuss if Virtual Organizing may be right for you!