Hoarding Disorder

Hoarding Disorder is characterized by

  • An inability to discard objects coupled with anxiety if a hoarder does try to throw things away
  • Impaired ability to function due to hoarding
  • A cluttered living space that has become so filled with objects that it can’t be used effectively

We have experience helping both Chronically Disorganized Clients and Hoarders. We have the resources to get your home livable and functional again in a short period of time, if needed. Alternatively, we can work over a longer period of time to accomplish your goals using collaborative therapy to help you overcome chronic disorganization or hoarding.

Often difficult life events like health issues can lead people towards hoarding and can reduce their quality of life. This client and I set goals at the onset of our work together and worked together steadily on a weekly basis for a year to reach these goals.

A new life for a client who hoards

Before, During and After Photos
“Helping One Woman with Hoarding Disorder Reclaim Her Home and Her Life”