Home Office Organization

  • Create an efficient and comfortable space
  • Create smart filing systems

Office Makeover

“I’m currently sitting in my office working for the first time in over a year, and it is fantastic! I’m so excited about everything Organized Havens helped me accomplish this week, I never could have done it on my own.
I look forward to our quarterly maintenance appointments!”

Thank you!  – J.K., Chatham, NJ

Office Guest Room

This combination office and guest room didn’t provide enough space in which to comfortably work and store office paperwork and reference materials.

Setting up files was a large part of this project. Action item and current project files were placed in the desk drawer, so they would be close at hand and easy to access daily. Reference files were created and housed in filing cabinets in the closet. The overbearing L- shaped desk, dresser, and hutch were replaced by a more functional desk that is much more aesthetically pleasing. The large bed was replaced by a futon that doubles as a place to relax and take a work break. Now, “going to work” is much more enjoyable for this work at home mom!

“Before hiring Taryn, I dreaded having to work in my home office/guest room. I had to squeeze in to get to my desk and once I was there, it was such a jumble of paper that was constantly distracting me from focusing on my work. Now, I look forward to getting work done in my spacious office where all of my files are organized and accessible. Wow, talk about money well spent!” —L.P., Howell, NJ

Before and After
Before and After