Take these small and easy steps to make your home look good.
The momentum will carry you to try larger organizing projects!

• Make your bed -first thing- everyday. Start your day on the right foot and then try to continue to put things in their proper spots all day.

• Clean your kitchen sink. Sprinkle baking soda and lemon juice, and scrub with a damp sponge or cloth. Rinse and dry. Polish the faucet to a shine. Now, throughout the day, immediately put dirty dishes in the dishwasher so you can continue to admire your sparkly sink!

• Assess your cups, bowls and Tupperware. How many mugs, cups, and sippy cups do you really need? Pull them all out of the cabinet, pick the best ones, and donate or recycle the rest. You’ll never miss them. Do the same with your Tupperware. Match the lids with the bottoms and toss anything missing its mate.

• Create an errand/outbox. Put a decorative basket by the front door. Deposit into it anything needed to go out. You can add items that need to be returned to stores, outgoing mail, library books and movies ready for return, and borrowed items that need to find their rightful owners. Take the box with you each morning and see what you can get rid of that day.

• Give your purse a makeover. Dump everything out and toss expired coupons, old receipts, scraps of paper, and used tissues. Then use a small see through pouch or Ziploc bags to hold personal items (lip balm, comb, bandages, dental floss, etc.) Keep an envelope for current coupons and receipts. Keep you wallet, checkbook, and keys in a handy easy-to-reach spot.

Make time for organizing and it will never be a waste of time!

Super-quick, feel-good, get-organized-now tips!