Plan: What is my goal for this space? What activities need to take place here?


  • Sort:
    • Keep?
    • Trash?
    • Donate or Sell?
  • Purge:
    • Make Decisions: Purge everything that doesn’t relate to your plan. By purging, you free up space for the things you do use, need, and love!
    • Ask yourself: Do I love it?   Do I need it?     Do I use it?
    • Categorize: If it’s a keeper, put like with like in piles
  • Assign Homes:
    • Location! Location! Location!
    • Homes should be determined based on frequency of use
  • Containerize:
    • Buy containers or repurpose containers you already have
    • Get containers only after deciding what you need to store
  • Equalize:
    • Use your system and make adjustments as needed
    • If something isn’t working, try something else until you find what works
The Keys to Organizing Success—“Plan S-P-A-C-E”